What you don’t know may be hazardous to your wealth

A typical mutual fund can cost you over 4% per year.* Are you thinking about investing in mutual funds? Unfortunately, they can not only be costly, but they can also be poor performers, tax inefficient, not transparent, and even sneaky. Or, are you a financial professional who recommends mutual funds to your clients? If so, then you could lose your clients’ trust which could eventually destroy your business. Mutual Funds Exposed, written by Dr. Kenneth Kim and Dr. William Nelson who together have over 40 years of academic and industry experience, rips the cover off the mutual fund business. Their book lays out the many costs and flaws of mutual funds in an easy-to-understand way.

* http://www.forbes.com/2011/04/04/real-cost-mutual-fund-taxes-fees-retirement-bernicke.html